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Here be dragons

This is a semi-public, pre-alpha, work-in-progress project.

Caveat utilitor: Assume nothing works, and you may be pleasantly surprised; and when it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

This project is presently at an early design and proof-of-concept stage. It is unlikely to be particularly useful as yet to anyone but its authors.

If you are interested in the project, you can keep tabs on development at GitHub and follow the author on Twitter for project announcements.


git clone
git clone
  dogma: ^0.0.0
go get
npm install dogma.js
git clone
pip3 install
gem install dogma.rb
cargo install dogma
git clone

For more detailed instructions, see the Installation chapter.


#include <dogma.h>
#include <dogma.hpp>
import 'package:dogma/dogma.dart';
import ""
import dogma.*;
import * as dogma from "./dogma.js";
import "dogma.proto";
import dogma
require 'dogma'
extern crate dogma;
const dogma = @import("dogma");

For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started chapter.